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    As a social activist, I am interested in creating community projects that demonstrate the laws of natural systems: interconnectedness, sustainability and recycling.

I think of them as creating balance on the community level – for example, if food is wasted in one sector of the community and hunger exists in another, then we ought to find ways to address that imbalance.

My goal is to foster pleasure and beauty in the process.

Most of my projects – gardens, houses built of straw, soil restoration, etc- are offshoots of the hunger organization I started in 1983, The Daily Bread Project.

1. The Daily Bread Project

DAILY BREAD is a grassroots operation that picks up surplus food from food businesses and brings the food directly to local free-food kitchens, pantries and shelters.

2. Environmental Work

Urban Gardens,
Rural Gardens,
Straw Bale Construction
Labyrinth (Soil Restoration)

3. Books Into Trees

In Collaboration with TreePeople. To offset the loss of our native forests one tree at a time, you can plant a tree in your name, or in dedication to a loved one. Click through for some of the hard facts about deforestation; some alternative solutions to a thorny problem; and some simple, inexpensive and inspiring ways each of us can help.